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Grab clone

A Foolproof Guide to Grab clone

We have come across the term Super app a lot over the last two or three years, which delivers to people just about everything seamlessly and efficiently. The super apps provide an all-in-one solution to the people; whereas, they serve as a cost-effective option to launch a business for entrepreneurs. However, developing such an app from scratch is a complex process. So, what is the alternative? Nothing much than a Grab clone that helps you set afoot in the lucrative on-demand market.

Let’s get started!

Is Grab clone a Super app?

It indeed is!

Grab is a Singaporean multi-delivery company that offers food & grocery delivery, digital payments, and much more through its website/application. The app became successful as it piled up every delivery service into a unified mobile application.

Grab clone is nothing but a look-alike of the original app with a few customizations. Not many are willing to sift through a library of apps to order essentials and pay for them. For this reason, employing an app like Grab allows you to launch a business that accomplishes multiple needs of the consumers in your region.

Hold on a second! We could sense you pondering why I should go with this clone?

We hope we sensed it right! Let’s move on…!

How does the Grab clone work?

Even though super apps have big potential, they implement certain fundamentals of mobile app development. One such thing is a simple and interactive user interface (UI) that helps the users to swiftly maneuver through various items and order them.

An essential business model will never fail because who would say No to an all-in-one Grab clone script that bundles just about everything. The ongoing pandemic is the perfect example when multi-delivery applications like Grab and Dunzo have taken the center stage.

Now let’s move on to the working method of the Grab clone:

You might be wondering how a Grab-like app assembles all the “essentials” in a single place!

Unified Dashboard

It is a tool/feature where a Grab-like app deploys all the essential delivery options. From this dashboard, a user can choose a preferred service and move on to the checkout page.

Let’s explain this further: Imagine a user wants to order a favorite food. Upon opening the app, the user now ends up on this “dashboard” where he/she can instantaneously identify and proceed with any option. The entrepreneurs like you can utilize the data of Grab clone to analyze performance metrics.


A user picks a delivery option on the dashboard, and where does it lead?! It must be the question pondering in your mind!

Say, for instance, a user chooses the flower delivery option. The next screen will automatically move to the “Flower Outlets near You” screen that allows the user to order a floral bouquet or basket!

Customize the clone script and include as many delivery options as possible. However, the payment page remains standard for every delivery that contains payment modes like Credit/debit card, eWallet, and much more.

Now that we have seen the working module of the Grab clone, let’s see its features.

Key Features of the Grab clone Script

We all know that Uber is the frontrunner & bellwether of the “On-demand” industry. Not many except the Grab clone are trying hard to uphold the on-demand concept.

Here are some of the exciting features of the Grab-like app that will help you conquer the market in your region:

Social Login

It is one form of Single Sign-on (SSO) that leverages the user information from social networking sites. With this option, a user can maneuver through the application within a few seconds.

In-App payment

This feature comes under the term “Grab pay” which allows the users to pay for delivery services and even at local shops. Apart from providing payment options, the Grab-like app also acts as a payment service provider.

Reward Program

Leverage this feature to provide rewards for the users who more often use the application. In this way, your app can stay relevant with a decent user base and increase efficiency!


Don’t let your customers lose their cool by integrating the estimated time of arrival (ETA) feature. It helps them stay updated with the arrival time of their order or courier.

Push Notifications

This feature is the primary communication tool between the app owner (admin) and the customers (users). As the app owner, you can send personalized coupons, messages, and even resolve customers’ queries via this.

Prefer going hyperlocal! – Grab clone

Yes, it has become the new norm in the on-demand industry. That’s because not everyone could afford to launch their business globally. Concentrating on one region at a time will pay dividends!

This is how many local players outperformed the global giants in their respective regions. The choice is yours; either you can pick the Grab clone or a readymade Postmates clone.

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