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Gojek clone

How to Launch a High-Converting Business with Gojek clone?

Do you believe conversions solely depend on the business model? Hell no – That would be our answer (if you ask us!). We believe that the technology you inculcate into your business has a say over anything! When it comes to an app-based business, mobile app technology becomes prominent. We guess you’ve planned (or are planning) to start a multi-service business since you’ve landed on this article. And for that, you need an efficient mobile application. Let us enlist the potential of the Gojek clone and how it might help you in business conversions.

5 Benefits of Gojek Clone That can Enhance Your Business

We tend to scrutinize the benefits of a product before making a purchasing decision, don’t we? Likewise, before making any decision on the Gojek clone, let us enlist five (5) vital benefits of it:

1) Mobile-friendly platform

Smartphone usage has skyrocketed as chances are that you might be reading this blog on your mobile device! Even Google prioritizes Mobile-friendly websites and applications in search engine rankings.

The application/website you develop must work on every mobile device and operating platform. A fast-performing website/application will have more conversions.

Imagine when a user is presented with two apps: One which crashes regularly and another Uber for Babysitters app with minimum loading times. Which will he choose or you choose (as a user)?

2) One App for All Needs

People prefer bundled services! Take, for instance, as the platform has become a one-size-fits-all solution for consumers. As we all know, the American eCommerce giant has everything (regardless of niche) in its business ranks.

Likewise, the Gojek app attracts a vast number of consumers in South East Asia as it accomplishes all their needs. It gives users a myriad of options when it comes to essential services like Grocery & Food delivery, Medicine delivery, Home cleaning services, and so on.
When the original app offers this many benefits, why can’t the look-alike (Gojek clone app) do?!

3) Multi-dimensional Compatibility

A Business can also cater to fellow businesses (B2B) along with the consumers (B2C). Take Meesho (an Indian platform), for instance, which provides products to the consumers as well as business opportunities to the entrepreneurs.

You know what? The decision on who you want to appeal to is entirely yours! Remember that an app like Gojek is compatible with any business model.

4) Business automation

Most manual businesses came to a standstill when the pandemic hit the world. The continual lockdowns have curbed the manual involvement in business across the globe. As a result, business automation is something that has become the need of the hour.

Wonder why does it matter? Launching your multi-service business with the Gojek clone will bring digital transformation and cut costs.

Take the Food & Grocery delivery, for example, where the Gojek clone minimizes the possibility of human contact through online payment options, drone delivery, contactless delivery, and so on.

5) Multiple Revenue Streams

You can’t think of a high-converting business with very few revenue streams. A multi-service business deals with a vast number of customers than a single-service business. Eventually, it opens up a lot of revenue-generating streams!

Apart from that, an app like Gojek also provides opportunities like In-app advertising, paid subscriptions, and so on to make money.

Features of the Gojek clone

Search Option- Gojek clone

This feature allows the users to navigate to the on-demand service they need, whether it can be Uber for Medicine delivery or Beautician, or any other. Moreover, with the search filters, they can find suitable service providers from the list.

Admin Panel

With this web-based panel, the business owners can analyze the platform’s KPIs, manage payment gateways, define service radius, resolve customer queries, and much more.

Push Notifications

This feature notifies users about in-app happenings like price drops, service provider availability, order tracking updates, and much more. Also, the app notifies about the service provider’s start and end times.

Toggle on/off

A feature designed to exhibit the service provider’s availability! The users using the Gojek clone app can plan accordingly based on it.

Ratings & Reviews

This feature allows the customers to rate & review their experience with the service providers. However, the admin holds the right to filter those reviews (comments) to neglect vulgarity!

Conclusion – Gojek clone

Businesses strive for meaningful actions either in the form of an inquiry or booking/purchasing decision. Likewise, your multi-service business strives either for platform engagement or service bookings. And, the platform like Gojek clone promises just that!

If you would like to go with an Uber-like app instead, we have a readymade app for that. Contact us!

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