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starting a multi-service business in Oceania with Gojek clone script

Multi-service based business has been gaining traction from across the globe, of late! However, here we have taken Oceania for reference. Oceania has always been a versatile economy with the right blend of traditional and Western-style proceedings. Outsourcing has become way more usual in almost everything – from the IT sector to our daily household chores. Eventually, Oceania is of no exception, particularly the two major economies of Australia and New Zealand. This blog is for those from Oceania who are waiting for an opportunity to unleash their entrepreneurship aspirations. Here, we highlight the potential of the Gojek clone script, and so on.

What is a multi-service business? – Gojek Clone Script

A business that offers an array of services, all under one banner! This helps the business owner to manage everything from a common point and also helps the customers hire services in one place!

Managing every service manually is of course a tedious task! So, what’s the alternative? There comes the Gojek clone app development that helps business owners automate everything – from booking to scheduling to dispatching to receiving the payments.

Why multi-service business in Oceania?

Home to two of the most dominant economies in the world, Oceania has always been a great place for tech startups. Take New Zealand, for instance, which is highly regarded as a startup-friendly country! That’s because of the government’s initiatives and fund programs for startups.

  • Launching a business with Gojek clone script is a safer bet because the governments of Oceania will never leave you run out of cash!
  • Since it’s almost identical to the sole trader business, it can be established without any paperwork.
  • Most importantly it will just take a few hours to incorporate your business into Government’s online portals.

Apart from all this, embracing the on-demand economy is going to the future of the mobile app development market.

How to set up your business?

The on-demand services economy is already flourishing, and business owners are coming up with innovative ideas. So, there will be a lot of competition, yes! But, what matters is, how unique you are!

Here is how you should plan, and set your business up;

  • Come up with a perfect business plan – including the features, functionalities, and so on.
  • Make sure you fulfill the legal requirements of whichever Oceania country, let it be Australia or New Zealand or Fiji!
  • Choose the services that are in demand – take New Zealand, for instance, where Services related to Hospitality and Tourism will always be in demand.
  • Determine your brand name, and logo to customize the Gojek clone script.
  • Start locally, and then expand it to the other cities.

Starting and managing a business in one particular city will help you have a direct focus on your proceedings. And, once you publicized your brand, expanding your business will be the wiser option.

Services you can offer! – Gojek clone script

Gojek clone app development opens the door to include as much as 50+ services on the platform. Have a glance at the on-demand services you can incorporate into the app.

Ride services:

One of the most commonly consumed on-demand services across the world! By leveraging the Gojek clone script, you can include car rental, taxi booking, and bike rental services.

Delivery services:

Starting from food delivery to grocery delivery to medicine delivery, you can include as many as delivery services possible!

Apart from this, you can also add wine delivery, flower delivery, and courier delivery to the app script. Imagine the cost incurred to develop a separate app for all these!

Other services: Gojek Clone Script

Oceania is a hotspot of tourism in the Pacific region! So, a large number of tourists visit Oceania countries every year.

Considering this, you can include a hotel booking option in your app. And, you can also drive tourists towards your app by offering on-demand massage services, and beauty services.

Wrapping up

Oceania is an untypical market because not only you will target residents but also the tourists. Like how the appealing nature of Oceania attracts tourists, ensure your Gojek clone script drives everyone towards your app-based services business.

We are available round the clock to resolve your queries, so contact us anytime!

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