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GoGoVan Clone

How to Develop GoGoVan Clone?

The mobile app business has swept the globe. If we go back to the pre-pandemic period, most of us relied on taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola to go about. Many of us would like to ride in luxury on these journeys. In the post-pandemic age, there will be a heavy dependence on applications that simplify the industry operations. Logistics is one such industry we’re going to talk about here. As the need for material movement is more than ever, the significance of mobile applications is also increasing. Let’s find out whether the GoGoVan clone could be the go-to application for logistics or not.

What exactly is the GoGoVan clone?

GoGoVan (presently GOGOX) is a Hong Kong-based freight service that operates in five countries across Asia. The on-demand application allows its users to book vehicles for material transportation from one place to another. Individuals and large companies may use the app to connect with a large number of drivers for their logistical requirements. The software functions similarly to an on-demand delivery booking app, delivering your things fast and effectively.

GoGoVan clone is the look-alike of the original app that lets entrepreneurs unearth business ventures in their region. Our clone solution is crafted to offer them innovative features.

Why should one choose GoGoVan clone?

It is evident that GoGoVan clone script facilitates the material movement in any region. Moreover, it also helps existing logistic businesses to take the online route in this digital world.
The best feature of these applications is that they allow users to transfer any type of item from one location to another. Because there will be a lot of parties wishing to transport their goods along the same route, rapid and efficient delivery of commodities is done in the most cost-effective manner.

Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to go with a platform like GoGoVan clone:

Fare estimator

It helps eradicate the underlying issues in the pricing system through a transparent and automatic system. Say, for instance, a user is trying to book a vehicle for house shifting. While specifying the needs, the user might get the exact fare estimation of the service.

Most importantly, this built-in fare estimator helps users (customers) to plan accordingly!

Swift (demand-supply) matching

One of the significant features of an on-demand app is the swift order matching engine. Likewise, while going with the GoGoVan clone, you’ll get a hasty demand-supply matching engine.

Say, for instance, a truck driver has to return with an empty truck. Fortunately, there is an incoming service request in the nearby location. Now, the app algorithm matches that service request with the (nearby) truck driver. This neglects the “empty mile” problem and saves some cost in fuel.

Vast Expertise

Apps that are clones of GoGoVan are evergreen and will always be in demand. The world’s digitization has generated an insatiable need for online automobile booking apps. When you create an app like GoGoVan, you’re allowing not just consumers and companies to carry products from one location to another, but you’re also allowing transportation providers to make use of the digital platform and grow their company.

Key Features of the GoGoVan clone script

Real-time tracking

With the help of built-in Google Maps, the users can track the real-time location of their shipments. Over the years, this feature has become the significant one in an on-demand app.

Location details

The app algorithm demands the location details from the customers for only the first time. While specifying it, the customers must manually enter the pick-up and drop-off location details.

Digital invoice

The customers will get a digital invoice (with cost breakdown) once the service request is completed. The customizable GoGoVan clone script also provides a cloud storage feature to store those invoices.

Ad spaces

An app like GoGoVan comes with built-in ad spaces that allow advertisers to post their video ads. In this way, your platform might help those advertisers with

Quality leads and also helps you generate revenue!

Wrapping up – GoGoVan clone

Not many available are proficient like the GoGoVan clone to base your business on. We are talking about an app that is tipped as the “Uber” of Logistics in the Asian market.

If you still have second thoughts about this topic, visit our web page Uber for Freight clone.

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