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Get the sanitary and caring nursing professionals at your doorstep during this quarantine

Everyone’s attention, starting from the young ones to the elderly people, is on the coronavirus these days. As the news about this pandemic outbreak changes hourly, the humongous attention is very much deserved. Of course, everyone should cancel the pre-planned parties and the ticket-booking for the much-awaited concerts or any pre-planned family excursions. But what about the healthcare appointments? Those who’re in regular need of the on-demand healthcare services should cancel it? And, what about the periodic health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes? Should these be also canceled?

What about the scheduled appointments?

It’s highly likely that you’ll receive a mail from your doctor regarding postponement or cancellation if you’ve a scheduled appointment. Because the doctors are ordered to prioritize urgent and emergency visits regarding the COVID-19.

Need not panic! Know what? These things depend on where you live and how many people are affected by the COVID-19 in your region. Doctors on-demand and other healthcare professionals are already seemed to canceling the routine visits.

On the other hand, it’s up to the doctors to decide is it safe to delay the surgeries for cancer and other serious medical conditions. If you ask what’s the advice for the patients, consult your doctor and decide on anything!

Apart from that?

Well, it won’t be ideal to say that it’s only the doctors are delaying the regular visit of the patients to the hospitals. Dr. Rod Hochman, the CEO at Providence St. Joseph Health, has said his brother-in-law was frightened to go to the hospital with a sense of fear that he could catch the coronavirus. To be honest, he isn’t the only one though! The emergency room and the other doctors’ visits across the United State are way down in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the doctors are in a state of worry as the patients with severe medical conditions may suffer further damage. Know what? Some of the physicians are suggesting their patients to visit the hospitals by following strict social distancing and precautionary measures like wearing masks, etc.

What about the Older adults?

There is a saying in English, “The longer I live, the more beautiful the life becomes…”. Well, to live longer, one has to be healthy, for that one has to keep tracking his/her medical condition at regular intervals. When we say keep track, it’s nothing but the simple medical tests that can be done when you visit your doctor. Unfortunately, the hospital visits couldn’t be done during this quarantine.

Well, that’s where Uber for nurse services comes in handy where you can request and get the on-demand nursing services at your doorstep. The older adults can carry out these following tests from qualified nursing professionals at their doorstep;

1) Blood pressure check

2) Blood sugar test

3) Insulin injection

4) Thyroid hormone test

5) General dental examination

Why Clapsy for on-demand nursing services?

Well, the app-based doctor’s on-demand booking and medical consultation have been the up-gradation of telemedicine that’s generally done over the phone calls. That’s where our Clapsy, the on-demand services app clone, comes in handy for availing nursing and sanitary cleaning services. Our Clapsy app is designed for individuals to have immediate access to on-demand healthcare services.

Know what? This application is more than just sending a nurse at your service. Through the in-app chat, you can communicate with the doctors and nurses regarding any medical assistance. If you have any credibility over our UrbanClap clone, we bring independent nurses to sign up for our nursing services only after the extensive background check.

Download and install our Clapsy app, through which you can get both the sanitary cleaning services and nursing services from a single booking!

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