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Educate students on the go with Coursera clone

Go with Coursera clone to provide a virtual learning experience

Conventional learning – a common man’s thing but it isn’t anymore! University education is getting expensive globally, pushing the majority of the students to overspend. However, not to forget, it has only paved the way for eLearning, which came in at the right time. Well, we can’t say whether eLearning could be an alternative for conventional learning – only time could tell that! However, it surely is a saving grace for students who couldn’t afford those expensive gimmicks. So, in this blog, we talk about the potential of Coursera clone, how you can earn by developing an eLearning app, and so on.

A run-through – eLearning

It is a form of educating students through digital devices like Smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops with a strong Internet connection.

Online learning, Distance education, Internet learning are the terms that mean the way of learning over the Internet. However, eLearning is something that depicts the online courses that are being offered on the Internet.

Why Coursera clone for your eLearning business?

Coursera, an American online course provider, has been working with universities to offer online courses and certifications ever since 2012. At present, they’re providing almost 3000 variety of online courses from subjects like machine learning, financing, digital marketing, and many more.

So, starting your eLearning business venture with Coursera clone will be the ideal option. We got more convincing reasons for you;

  • Its multi-lingual algorithm might help scale up your business easily.
  • Coursera clone lets you educate the students by offering courser materials in their preferred languages.
  • You can create your free and premium courses through a built-in course-creation toolkit.
  • It specializes in eco-friendly learning by reducing the usage of paper-based training, and so on.

Bringing the educators in and developing an eLearning app – your job doesn’t end with this! To ensure evaluation on regular basis, Coursera clone offers a rating system on every course that urges students to share their experience with every course and educator.

How to start an eLearning business? – Coursera clone

Getting to know about the benefits of the Coursera clone will help you before plunging into eLearning app development. But, before that, there are certain things to do.

Define your niche & target audience:

Well, yes, the Coursera clone script can include umpteen numbers of online courses. However, being an EdTech startup, you can’t directly plunge into offering that many courses in your platform. So, it becomes important to narrow down your offerings at the start and then you can scale up!

Here we have listed out some niches that drive traction from students more than others.

  • Machine learning
  • Personal development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer & Technology
  • Digital Marketing.

So, who are these online courses aimed at? Is it a school drop-out student? Is it a student preparing for competitive exams? Or is it a working professional looking to upskill himself?

Just like any other business plan, define your target audience, identify their “pain” points, and make sure your offerings provide value to them.

Develop an MVP:

Upon determining your niches and target audience, you can move on to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which we consider a safe bet!

Know the beta version, right? It’s exactly like that, where you’ll be including features & functionalities you want, and test your app idea in the market. Upon launching, your eLearning app will be available for a limited audience like your friends, family, and some other preferences.

Must-Have Features in an eLearning app – Coursera clone

Well, as a business owner, you might have some ideas of including features in your app (indeed, you should have!). However, those features shouldn’t overshadow some of the basic features needed for an eLearning app.

  • Course creation – Ensure the app clone script you choose offers educators to develop a course by adding slides, videos, PDF, text, etc.
  • Introductory video – Help educators prepare a one-minute video about what the course is going to offer, which might help them to persuade students to buy the course!
  • Payment options – Deploy multiple payment modes in your Coursera clone app to let users pay for the courses they purchase.
  • Search – Get a Coursera clone script that offers search filters like free/premium, price range, recommendations, and so on.

While including any feature, make sure it brings convenience to both the educators and the students. Upon launching your eLearning app, obtain feedback from your target audience regularly, and work based on it!

Wrapping up

eLearning apps are here to stay, particularly with conventional education becoming too expensive! However, there aren’t many industry players available now and chances are that your Coursera clone app could be the first in your region.

If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to contact us at Free Consultation!

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