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Couchsurfing Clone

Couchsurfing Clone – How To Develop Your Couchsurfing Clone?

Most of us prefer to travel around our favorite destinations around the world. However, it might not be easy as it sounds! Why because is it incurs a hefty cost, and not many could afford it. So, what’s the alternative? You might be wondering! Couch-surfing (or) Collaborative community is a method that facilitates the sharing economy between travelers and the regional people. The experienced travelers could find references and network with regional people. But have we ever wondered about the first-timers? If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur reading this blog, employ a readymade Couchsurfing clone to connect travelers with the regional people.

Let’s dig in.

What is a Couchsurfing clone?

It is a pre-built solution of the famous hospitality exchange service Couchsurfing. It helps budget travelers and backpackers from different cities to meet potential hosts in popular tourist destinations. Being a part of the Gift Economy, the users (hosts) of the Couchsurfing website/app are not allowed to charge money for lending their properties.

In a nutshell, leveraging the Couchsurfing clone script will help connect the “couch-surfers” and the “hosts”. While speaking about the couch-surfers, they can be digital nomads or travel enthusiasts, or even some other. Not only do you get a chance to establish a business but also to strengthen relationships across boundaries.

Is Couchsurfing a viable business model?

Yes. It is not that you’re going to couch-surf or recommend couch-surfers in your locality; however, you will develop a dedicated application that serves as a matching platform.

A pleasant smile and a little interaction from both the “couch-surfers” and hosts is what the business needs. However, it’s not that easy to render a smile at a stranger and an entirely unknown figure. This is where the Couchsurfing-like app comes in to elegantly match both of them.

Along with the obvious benefit of leveraging the high demand, Couchsurfing can enhance your business in many ways:

  • A platform like Couchsurfing clone is specially designed to eradicate bad hosts and guests so that your business can place a majority of emphasis on safety.
  • Your local buddy will know all the hidden gems and can provide you money-saving tips on insider attractions and activities. You’ll learn how to aggregate demand and match the supply.
  • This business is never region-specific because your organization should be catering to the global audience. However, if your country/state is a major tourist attraction, the business can be confined accordingly!
  • An app like Couchsurfing allows you to manage the business from afar with an efficient and robust admin panel (web). From this panel, you can oversee the business!

The term “couch-surfers” doesn’t only refer to the solo backpackers but also the couples and families. That leaves a wide-open space for your business to monetize the platform.

Key Features of Couchsurfing clone

Host Search

When traveling to new destinations, an app like Couchsurfing will be ideal for first-timers. It must be the primary aim of the application to make the “Host search” simple and easy.

With advanced search filters like host info, accommodations, and preferences, travelers can locate the best hosts in a new location.

Profile Creation

Building a profile will be the home base for the couch-surfers. This will be reflecting their likes, dislikes, lifestyle, and mission. Moreover, they must add their details and authentic photos to obtain the best results.

Most importantly, couch-surfers can bring in endorsements (references) from Facebook to enhance the chances of hosts accepting their requests.

In-App Chat

Communication is vital in any business. Likewise, the Couchsurfing-like app comprises of built-in chat feature that helps the “surfers” to connect with the potential hosts.

This feature helps the couch-surfers contact the hosts earlier during special events like Christmas or New Year.

Become a Host

Like how the couch-surfers maneuver through the platform for rooms, the property owners can list their couches on the platform. It can be a couch or spare room, this feature helps them to enlist.

Being the business owner, it’s your job to accept or reject the hosts’ profiles upon diligently reviewing them.

Wrapping Up

Even though the Couchsurfing app has numerous advantages, the monetizing potential of the app remains little. When deciding the monetization strategies, you might want to take inspiration from the Airbnb clone.

If you need help with this, visit our web page or contact our technical team right now.

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