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Convoy clone

How to start a Freight brokerage with the Convoy clone? (For the first-timers)

Whether called a broker or a logistics marketplace, or a logistics provider, entrepreneurs venturing into the logistics industry have traditionally been non-asset-based entities. Moreover, the barrier to establish a brokerage business is much lower than owning a fleet of trucks. Mostly, it involves building a mobile app and establishing reliable contacts. Whether or not you opt for outside help, setting up a freight brokerage business involves a lot of work. However, leveraging technology like Convoy clone simplifies the process. How though?

Let’s dig in.

Setting up the Truck-Freight brokerage

  • Decide how your business will operate on legal terms. Will it be a collaboration or sole proprietorship? Check your state/country’s laws before deciding.
  • Obtain a non-objection certificate (NOC) from your country’s Motor Carrier organization. Regardless of the country, the process could last for four to six weeks.
  • Determine what to include in terms of contracts with shippers and carriers. It assures your Convoy clone will be in place as just a technology platform.
  • Establish reliable contact with both the shippers and the carriers. It can help in one way or another in finding earning opportunities in the freight industry.
  • You can even deploy process agents (vetted & hired through the app) in some regions to help your business attain a widespread reach. In this way, you can make the process easier!

Reducing the “Empty Mile” problem with Convoy clone

One noticeable challenge in establishing a Freight brokerage business is in tackling the empty mile problem. It has become common for truck drivers to make a delivery and then drive down hundreds of miles with an empty truck. Due to this, the logistics businesses experience an increase in expenses, incurring fuel wastage, and many more. Many truck drivers either work as independent or work for a startup firm, and these small businesses can’t invest in mitigating this empty mile problem. However, the readymade Convoy clone script displays the available nearby loads, which the truck drivers can pick up on their way to return.

We could sense what you have been pondering on your mind – whether the Convoy clone could live up to the expectations?

Well, it’s a less obvious way to alleviate the “empty mile” problem unless the industry gets streamlined. However, an app like Convoy will have a significant impact.

Features of the Convoy clone script

Truck Booking:

It is what an app like Convoy is all about. People usually book a taxi when they have to move from one place to another immediately. However, if they have to move things from one place to another, they have to plan in advance.

For this reason, the Convoy clone script comes with a pre-book option that let the shippers book trucks in advance.

Commissions Dashboard:

The truck-freight brokerage business is up and running based on commissions. So, as the platform owner, you deserve commissions from the truck drivers because your platform matches their skills with the appropriate demand.

Regarding this dashboard, it displays accurate information on received commissions, upcoming ones, and more.

Live chat:

It enables the users to get in touch mutually and with the platform owner (“You”). From the admin panel (web), you might want to resolve any app-related queries.

When it comes to freight brokerage, you must stay in touch with the carriers and the shippers.

The cost of developing an app like Convoy

The Final cost of Convoy-like app development depends on various factors like the number of features, the operating platforms, the experience of the development team, and many more.

However, the approximate cost of Convoy clone ranges from USD 8000 to USD 30,000. Indeed, the cost varies on the location from where you choose the app development company. Find us on Uber clone app

Final Thoughts

Start your freight brokerage business by analyzing the missing link of the logistics industry in your region.

You already have a successful example of Convoy to venture into the logistics industry. So, leveraging a platform like Convoy clone will surely prove beneficial to you!

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