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Bigo clone script

Configure Bigo clone script to Broadcast Special Events

Using live broadcasting and streaming applications, one can broadcast events, special occasions, and board meetings to the audience/viewer who is afar! Thanks to the interconnected network of mobile live streaming that allows everyone to stay connected easily. Are you looking to become an event streamer in your region? Or, are you searching for a live streaming platform to base a business on it? Discover our customizable Bigo clone script that comes with extensive functionalities and advanced features. You can monetize this platform to taste success in your business.

Let’s get started!

How to live stream an event using the Bigo clone script?

Going live is easy. Grab your Smartphone, open Instagram, and tap the live button. Simple – but there are some complications. You can’t control who sees your video and who doesn’t!

Take Adam’s wedding, for example. He married his long-time Girlfriend (from Massachusetts) in London. During these pandemic times, the couple couldn’t get many to attend the event (due to travel restrictions). In the meantime, the live stream option has become an afterthought. In a short time, Adam couldn’t arrange a professional live streaming option. Instead, he chose to go with Instagram live, where he couldn’t choose the viewers and ended up in a big mess.

This would’ve happened to someone in your region. Whether it’s a wedding or funeral or a birthday party, arranging the live streaming software is crucial.

Regarding the Bigo clone script,

  • You will enjoy control over how people view the stream and the ways to enhance the stream.

The most important part of a live streaming session is its noise-free and clear sound. Imagine if someone is singing over a live stream session, as a viewer/listener, you would want to hear it clearly. Wouldn’t you?!

  • You’ll enjoy the best sound quality as the Bigo clone leverages the mobile device’s microphone to the maximum. Moreover, it picks up the sound only from direct sources in front of the microphone.

For any event, you can urge your customers to own a stable tripod. Also, it is advisable to get a tripod mount which allows the users to place the Smartphone wherever they want.

Why should you go with the Bigo clone script?

When you prefer to develop a multi-dimensional live streaming application, you can choose an app like Bigo. However, when you want it to be professional, it would be a wise choice to adopt a Periscope clone. The decision will depend on your requirements, business needs, and much more.

Regarding a Bigo-like app,

  • The user-friendly nature of the app makes it easy for the streamers (users) to go live within a few seconds.
  • You’ll get enough help from the Bigo clone to figure out the specific target audience interested in your platform.
  • Moreover, due to its affordability, you can launch your app-based business at a little or low cost.
  • With the cloud storage option, the streamers can record and save the live streaming sessions without hindering the smartphone storage.

Most importantly, the smart way to own a live streaming application is to procure a clone app rather than developing it from scratch.

Noteworthy Features of Bigo clone script


This feature allows various streamers to co-stream an event. The session host can add up to ten streamers in a single stream event.


The Bigo-like app comes with various interactive filters and video effects to enhance the experience of the live streaming sessions.


This feature of the Bigo clone allows the streamers to view the stats of new viewers, earned coins, likes, and earned money.


An app like Bigo is highly secured so that the users can safely use the application for live streaming without any hassles.

The Bottom line – Bigo clone script

Before indulging in developing the app, consider how often you plan to live stream and how you want to interact with the target audience.

Owning a Bigo clone script helps you to make people omnipresent in this fast-moving world.
For more details on the same, you can contact our technical team.

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