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Become a successful online entrepreneur with our on-demand services app clone

The usage of on-demand services is inevitable in most of our lives, particularly metropolitan residents. When these residents couldn’t afford time for accomplishing household chores, they hire on-demand service providers! Eventually, there comes a demand for this business model: either as a direct service provider or as a demand aggregator through the on-demand services app. It all started with the Uberization of the taxi industry, and what followed were numerous businesses based out on Uber’s business model. Businesses which followed the Uber model are termed Uber for X, where “X” stands for services they provide!

Is it a viable business model?

Of course, yes! The recent market trends suggest that. Take the United States, for instance, where the on-demand home services market is worth more than $700 billion. Not only in the United States but the global home services market is expected to grow. Since Gen Zers are the largest consumers of the Internet, they also prefer to consume on-demand home services more than any other generation.

Well, to be honest, the growth of smartphones co-existed with the rise of on-demand businesses! With the help of smartphones, these on-demand businesses connected the service providers with the service seekers.

What was used to be a risky and difficult task, nowadays, starting businesses has become easy since the arrival of the on-demand concept. Since these on-demand businesses require less investment, the failure won’t be much of a burden to bear!

Since the demand for on-demand services app clone is high, a plethora of app development companies offers clone app scripts. One such is the Clapsy app, let’s see how our app stands apart from others…!

Features of our Clapsy app

As an entrepreneur, through various forms of promotions, you can make your target audience download the app. But, for retaining them, a feature-rich app will be vital! Features are of immaculate importance; it can even make or break your app-based business.

Now let’s see what our UrbanClap clone – Clapsy app is made of;

1) List of services

In the opening screen of our Uber for X app clone, you can see a plethora of services to choose from. Well, we’ve deployed almost 30+ services in our demo app! According to our clients’ requirements, we add further or delete the services before delivering the final product.

2) Booking

We’ve deployed an easy booking feature for both the users and the service providers in our on-demand services app clone!

Well, for the users, they can book and schedule a service for now or for later whereas, for the service providers, they can either accept or decline the service request based on their availability.

3) In-app chat

Upon placing a service request, the user can communicate with the concerned service provider with the “In-app chat” feature.

(Note: This feature comes with end-to-end encryption)

4) Support

As an app owner, you have to resolve the issue for the app users whenever it arises! For that, we’ve deployed the “Help or Contact” section in our Clapsy app so that the users can contact you at any time.

5) Push notifications

Any app-based businesses would be incomplete without the use of push notifications as it constitutes a pivotal marketing strategy for the app owners to retain the users.

As an app owner, you can notify your users about their booking status or even notify them about discount offers, coupons, etc.

Most importantly, these features of our UrbanClap clone will not only help retain your users, but it will also help retain the service providers on your business.


Of course, Uber for X is a captivating business model. However, the real challenge lies in retaining the service providers. Indeed, a good remuneration package for your service providers will do good for your service providers. But, for a long-term relationship, deploy incentive schemes along with additional perks.

Wanna be an entrepreneur? Start small in this on-demand services market and scale up your business with our UrbanClap clone app!

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