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Become a trending and featured streamer application with our Periscope clone

Live streaming apps have become an integral part of the Internet world. That’s because these live streaming services let the users record and broadcast videos and also let them attend online conferences, check their health via online consultations remotely. Live streaming, with its ability to broadcast live videos over the Internet, has changed the way people and brands communicate!

Importance of live streaming services

Having said all these, what’s the best thing about live streaming services is that, it accessible both with the web and mobile devices. Adding to that, it has made it easy for the brands to engage with their target audience. Say, for instance, if a viewer goes live on Instagram/Facebook, it creates an instant interaction between the viewer and the presenter. Well, one more thing is that you can host a live event related to your product so that your target audience can attend it virtually. Moreover, the options for every business to use live streaming are limitless. To put things into perspective, the real estate companies use live streaming for broadcasting auctions whereas the retail companies use it for their product launches.

How can you cash in on the Live streaming services?

Considering that the live streaming market is being anticipated to reach $124.6 billion by 2025, it’s gonna be one of the most profitable business markets. That’s because it offers a cost-effective way to lure the customers towards any business. An online live streaming app allows businesses to indulge in real-time promotion, it adds more value to your brand thereby increasing the loyal customers. Moreover, live streaming helps business owners to engage and communicate with their customers in real-time. The customers will feel like they’re being valued when you reply to their questions and interact with them. Since live streaming boasts numerous money-making strategies, why not capitalize on it?

Why is Periscope so popular?

Periscope is a video streaming app acquired by Twitter in 2015. Since the acquisition, the app has taken the smartphone world by storm as it lets the users go live and stream live videos anywhere and anytime. It makes full use of notifications, live discussions, and feedback to make your live streaming a thoroughly interactive one! Moreover, by connecting with your Twitter account, it notifies your followers to join the broadcasting. If anyone missed, they need not worry! That’s because they can watch it anytime they want but within the next 24 hours.

Become a streamer with our Periscope clone

A streamer is someone who acts on-screen, recording it live, and broadcasting it on the Internet. Streamers can make money through donations, subscriptions, sponsors, and in-app ads with live streaming applications.

Well, there are numerous live streaming applications available in the market. Are you curious to know, what makes our Periscope clone special? Read on…!

1) Easy broadcast – Our live streaming script allows users to broadcast live videos within a few moments

2) Live comments – Users/business owners can watch the live comments of their customers. That can help you know what the customers think about your product!

3) View location – The users while using our Bigo live clone application will be sharing their location. Well, that allows the business owners to know where their potential customers lie!

4) Secure and Reliable – Our live streaming script is so reliable that you can use the Periscope clone without worries!

Final thoughts

The live streaming will play a vital part in marketing products, providing services, and advertisements. This will enhance the business leaving aside the boundaries and helps the business owners to maintain a good relationship with their target customers.

We envisage that live streaming will be the mode of communication across the world soon. So, why not consider it as a business idea?!!

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