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Cash in on Amazon clone app to bolster the eCommerce sales

The holiday (festive) season comes in the final quarter of the calendar year in most countries. In Europe and the United States, the days leading up to Christmas are usually called the festive season whereas, in the sub-continent, it is the days leading up to Diwali. Well, regardless of the landscape, the festive season exhilarates people and as a result, they prefer shopping to get gifts for their loved ones. If you are planning to launch an eCommerce business, the following article should help you – in terms of developing an app like the Amazon clone app, changing shopping patterns, and so on.

The changing shopping patterns (due to the COVID-19) – Amazon clone app

The pandemic has transformed businesses – the way they do, the way customers revert to them, and so on. Take traditional shopping, for instance, with the social distancing measures in place, the brick-and-mortar retail stores are going to suffer big time. The 2020 festive season is going to be untypical and more of a homebound one.

According to Adobe blog,

  • This festive season will yield USD 200 billion in revenue globally; in fact, it will increase if lockdowns come into place again.
  • Search Engine and Email will be two crucial marketing channels to drive traffic to the eCommerce app/website.

It becomes important for entrepreneurs to begin planning right away as this is the right time to start an eCommerce business, which we think will be dominating in the upcoming years.

Launch your eCommerce business with the Amazon clone app

With people getting themselves ready for the festive season, you need to act now and launch an online store (within a few days). So, if you’re serious about it, carry on reading the article.

Easy shopping:

Since the festive season is around the corner, most people will be on the go. So, while launching your online store, make sure your Amazon clone app offers easy accessibility to the consumers.

When the app is easy-to-use, chances are that consumers might come again to your platform. So, a good user retention rate!

App responsiveness:

Not only in eCommerce but any user prefers an app that responds instantly to the interactions because it will only not spoil the workflow.  During the festive season, online shoppers will be running short of time, so it is advisable to ensure the app doesn’t spoil workflow.

Plan your deals & offers:

The festive season is incomplete without the deals & offers while shopping, let it be traditional or online. Likewise, while launching your Amazon clone script now, you need to start offering exciting deals from the word go!

However, it will be not a good one if you do it blatantly. Instead, you can offer theme-based deals & offers. Here are some of the ideas, which you can inculcate,

  • Food-free Halloween Treats.
  • Stress-free Black Friday shopping.
  • Celebrate Homebound Christmas.
  • Gifts for her or him (during Valentine season).

Bring the festive mood:

It will be not enough if you introduce deals and products for the festive season; moreover, you should inculcate the festive mood all over your eCommerce platform (mobile app/website).

If the upcoming holiday is Halloween, customize your Alibaba clone app with Halloween-themed designs as chances are that the bouncing rate might come down due to this.

What’s Amazon clone app script brings to the table?

A simple checkout page:

Consumers navigate around the eCommerce app/website searching for their desired products, let it be electronics or clothing, or books. After finding their desired product, they should make use of a simplified checkout page.

For this, you can ask consumers to save the credit/debit card details during the first time, which might prove helpful when they come back again.

Payment options:

Consumers nowadays look for options in whatever they purchase. Likewise, customize the Amazon clone script and include as many payment options possible in your app.

To win over some consumers, you might also want to include a cash-on-delivery (COD) option.


Push notifications nowadays are an integral part of any online business because this feature helps businesses to communicate with the consumers. Then, including the Rating & Review page for products might influence the consumer’s decision-making.

So, what’s next?

Amidst this unprecedented pandemic, online shopping would contribute a major part of total retail sales globally. And, the surge in online shopping is going to stay even beyond the pandemic.

So, this festive season (2020) and beyond is going to be the best time for eCommerce businesses worldwide and we hope you do not miss out on this chance.

If you need our assistance, contact us right now!

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