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Airbnb clone app

Start your homestay business with Airbnb clone app

Airbnb clone to make homestay bookings easier for travelers!

 A homestay is a form of hospitality in tourist places, where visitors share homes with locals of the city or county. Today’s travelers not just want to want to visit a place and rejuvenate themselves but they also want opportunities for foreign language practice, cultural understanding, and so on. And, know what? Homestays seems to be capable of offering all these! In this blog, we are going to highlight the benefits of Airbnb clone and the potential of investing in homestay business.

Why should you invest in homestay business?

Accommodation is vital in hospitality; let it be deluxe hotels or lodging or homestays. And, regarding homestays, the online marketplace businesses generally partner with residents at popular tourist locations to provide homestay services.

Here is why you should too;

  • First and foremost, for tourists, homestays are affordable than deluxe hotels.
  • Since the homestays could give a home-like atmosphere, a lot of tourists prefer this!
  • And, most importantly, as a business owner, you do not have to spend constructing hotels or resorts.
  • Moreover, by partnering with homeowners, you are also creating income opportunities for them!

Why Airbnb clone app for your business?

Airbnb is a California-based vacation rental marketplace that was launched back in 2009. The company neither owns any real estate listings nor does any resorts too! However, it acts as a digital brokerage, which receives commissions for each booking happening through the platform.

So, it makes sense to clone an online marketplace like Airbnb. If you haven’t yet convinced, read on…!

  • You could offer homestay services at a variety of price points.
  • Moreover, leveraging the best Airbnb clone script shall offer you a high success probability rate.
  • Developing a clone app for your homestay business is easier than developing an app from scratch.
  • The app clone script calculates the rental prices automatically based on the averages of an area.
  • You can scale up your application whenever you want, based on your business requirements.

How to set up your homestay business? – Airbnb clone app

As the saying goes, change is inevitable; the hospitality industry is of no exception too! Gone are the days when travelers went crazy over luxurious hotels, but now, the travelers seem to prefer homestays a lot. That’s mainly because the homestays completely get the traveler thought out of the equation.

To ply your trade in this sector, you need to plan!

Here’s how you can set up your business;

  • Location – Find a residence(s) or apartment(s) nearby popular tourist attractions.
  • Legitimacy – Upon finalizing the locations/residences, make sure you get legal clearances conforming to your country’s laws.
  • Homely atmosphere – Take your time and make sure you decorate the residences to give travelers a homely feel.
  • Check-in & payment – Let the travelers check-in automatically through your Airbnb clone app and let them pay for the services through it too!
  • Homestay rules – Devise a set of “homestay rules” based on homeowners’ preferences and let the travelers/customers know all those when they check-in.

Notable features – Airbnb clone app

Setting up your online marketplace homestay business is impossible without developing a mobile app. Likewise, developing a mobile app is impossible without including a feature-set!

Here are some important features of the Airbnb clone app which you shouldn’t afford to miss out on;

Social login:

Let the travelers/users get access to your mobile app with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

You can also include traditional sign-up options such as mobile number, mail ID, and so on.

Search filters:

Upon getting access, let the travelers find their preferred homes based on filters such as availability, location, price range, amenities, etc.

Become a partner/host:

Make it easy for homeowners to become a partner in your business. Deploy the “become hosts” option in the menu bar to let the homeowners enroll in your business easily.

Ensure the hosts upload pictures of their homes, and make sure you review those and approve the requests!

Multiple payment options:

Deploy a secure payment gateway from the best Airbnb clone script that supports multiple payment options that cater to users’ convenience.

Admin panel:

For you, being the business owner, a robust admin panel becomes a necessity to manage your business. Most importantly with this, you can identify customers’ complaints, and immediately act upon it.

Wrapping up

The hospitality sector continues to expand, and the homestay businesses are evidential proof for it. And, if you’re an entrepreneur planning to launch a business, this could be your niche!

Partner with residents; create an online marketplace by using the Airbnb clone app, and set up your homestay business.

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