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99Acres clone

Take the Real Estate to People’s fingertips with an Easy-To-Use 99acres clone.

To say mobile app technology is disrupting the real estate market is an understatement; most businesses are trying to capitalize on this trend. The need for boosting efficiencies and offering better services has led the market to turn to technology. Despite the growing demand, there are only a few real estate applications that made great strides. One such application is the 99acres, an Indian real estate & property portal.  Let’s find out why you should choose the 99Acres clone, its functionalities, and much more.

Benefits of 99Acres clone in Real Estate

The mid of 2010s saw the real estate businesses embrace the digital platform at a rapid pace. Most businesses pounced on tools like virtual property tours, 3D images, secure online payments, etc., to attract global customers through Smartphones. A typically paper-based business adopted the digital platform quickly, courtesy of simplicity and analytical data. We’re now in 2021, and there is no need to develop a mobile application from scratch like before. Instead, one can leverage clone scripts to develop an app-based business.

With reference to the real estate sector, here are the reasons why one should choose 99Acres clone:

1. Brand Creation & Sustenance

Amidst an already-crowded Real estate sector, managing the business is a herculean task. You need to focus on your brand’s existence and uniqueness. Broadcasting the brand’s philosophy and amassing a wider audience to your business is quintessential. This is where the 99Acres clone script comes into play with its uniquely crafted brand appeal. When you try to leverage it, you don’t have to invest separately in brand-building techniques.

2. Little or Zero Paperwork

It’s a game-changer for the sector as more developers equip professionals with user-friendly leasing software tools, making floor plans, leasing length, and data all accessible digitally. Rather than printing huge documents to display availability, piling, pricing, and so on, the modified information is all stored in the cloud and is available to everyone at any time.

3. Real-time data

Earlier, research was heavily dependent on data from the past. Nowadays, it is easy to know pricing and availability in real-time in a matter of minutes. So many sites are providing immediate results on a variety of analyses and data points like instant EMI calculation, thereby expediting the decision-making process. In the past, research was something that only a few sites and companies had access to because it was a very costly endeavor. However, today, real-time data that is available to the entire industry is a huge game-changer for the sector.

Key Features of The 99Acres clone script

Data Insights

The major benefit of leveraging the 99Acres clone instead of others is its ability to track a brand’s campaigns and get valuable insights. In this context, a robust admin panel (web) is helpful in tracking the most valuable and interesting leads.

Map Search

On the Built-in Google Maps, the house-hunters (users) can locate the nearby amenities. Moreover, with an easy-to-use route optimizer in place, the users can reach the location quickly.

AI-powered Chatbots

Never let your customer’s queries unheeded with our in-built chat support tool. You can stay connected with your existing and would-be customers through this tool.

Search Filters

With various search filters like location, price range, amenities, etc., the users can zero in on their desired property with ease.

Price Trends

With this feature, the users can ascertain the market rate for a property in a particular area/region. This AI-powered feature ascertains the property rate based on the market growth. To know more about this, take a look at our Zillow clone blog page.

Wrapping Up

The digitization of the real estate industry is already going rounds from one country to another. The significant fact is that early players will take a big leap in this would-be lucrative digital sector. All you have to do is to leverage a customizable clone script to build your application.

We hope that clone script will be the readymade 99Acres clone and we’re waiting to help you with this. Contact us right now.

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